The Company

Art Aqua Technologies is a total water management engineering company with engineering capabilities to undertake ans execute turnkey solutions for water & waste water management. Art Aqua Technologies committment to the environment, keeps it in the farefront of product innovations, purifications and recycling technologies. Art Aqua Techonologies has played a significant role in touching the lives with end to end water solutions.

Our range of water treatment plant, Water Softener Plant, wastewater treatment plant and water purification plant successfully meets the requirements of different industries, institutions and residential sectors like pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and different chemical industries.

We provide clients with efficient and practical solutions to the worlds most demanding water challenges. Our products offer Reverse Osmosis System, water purification plant and wastewater treatment plant for a wide variety of high-purity, industrial, institutional and other applications.


Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.


Art Aqua believes that we can end the water crisis in our lifetime by ensuring that every person on the planet has access to life’s most basic need — clean drinking water.

Our CLients


Leaders in water purification

International purification technology which conforms to WHO standards

Customised solutions

We also provide customized water purification and treatment solutions as per your needs

Multi-industry application

Designed for manufacturing units, hospitals, offices, educational institutes, etc.